Specialist in Industrial & Residential Pest Control Solutions

Eco Services ( Pvt ) Ltd is a specialized company with trained professionals in Pest Control. It is a leading Company with a wealth of experience and nearly 20 years experience in the control of Termites both pre-construction, post-construction and General Pest Control Service
Eco Services (Pvt) ltd offers comprehensive series of pest control services for both domestic and industrial requirements.

Least toxic methods and advanced treatment procedures are followed to rid your home or business of pests. We promise to be environmentally responsible with our procedures. 

  • General Pest Control - Control of Rats/Mice,Cockroaches,Ants,Mosquitoes,Flies etc.
  • Termite Control - Anti Termite Soil Treatment with a Warranty.
  • Fumigation Services - Fumigation of Warehouses,Containers,Ships,Export Cargo etc.